Wildlife Getaways in the Philippines

Philippines is the only country in the world with the highest rate of new animal species discovery. Surprisingly, 16 new species have been discovered in just last 10 years.

Comprising 7,107 islands, the archipelago has one of the world’s highest biodiversities. More than one thousand species of amphibians, birds, and mammals that are endemic to the country have been attracting wildlife experts and nature lovers. However, around half of them are now considered “threatened” due to man-made perturbations, forest denudation, illegal hunting, poaching, and urbanization.

If you are looking for a wildlife adventure in the Philippines, here is a guide to some of the wildlife parks and nature centers in the country.

Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the leading tourist attractions in the island paradise of Palawan is the Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary. This 3,700-hectare sanctuary, which opened in 1976, is home to various animal species such as giraffe, zebra, bushbuck, gazelle, elands, deer and other exotic local and African animals. There are also more than 70 bird species living at the Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary.

Calauit Island in the Northwestern coast of Palawan has been declared a game preserve and wildlife sanctuary. Photo by Incrediblethots / CC BY

Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the island province of Bohol, the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary is also a must-go destination for travelers looking to explore the Philippine wildlife. This 134-hectare shelter serves as a breeding and protection center for the Philippine tarsier, one of the world’s smallest primates. Around 500 tarsiers are currently housed inside the sanctuary, where exotic birds such a serpent eagles, parrots, grass owls can be found.

A tarsier on a tree. Photo by yeowatzup / CC BY.

Loboc river cruise in Bohol. Photo by nucksfan604/ CC BY

Albay Park and Wildlife

Aside from Mayon Volcano, Albay is also making a name on wildlife conservation. Set in Legazpi, Albay Park and Wildlife hosts more than 400 animals such as mammals, birds, and reptiles. Visitors can get up close and personal with a number of raptor species such as grass owl, Philippine eagle-owl and Brahminy kite. The park also allows guests to relax with its amenities such as a food court and picnic groves.

Photo by Irvin / CC BY

Photo by Irvin / CC BY

Photo by Irvin / CC BY

Mayon Volcano and Cagsawa Church Ruins in Albay. Photo by Paolo / CC BY

Zoobic Safari

Enjoy an ultimate safari adventure in the Philippines by visiting a 25-hectare amusement park in Subic, Zambales. Zoobic Safari offers a number of attractions such as Tiger Safari, where some 400-pound tigers are roaming around. Snakes from around the world, meanwhile, are featured at the Serpentarium. Visitors can also set their feet on steel walkway where over 200 crocodiles are resting below.

Photo by Hazel / CC BY

Photo by Michael / CC BY

Photo by Michael / CC BY

Photo by Hazel / CC BY

Exploring Philippine wildlife doesn’t end from the above-mentioned parks and sanctuaries. You can also spend a day in Donsol, Sorsogon, for some whale shark viewing, or visit Olango Island, which serves as a stopover of more than 50,000 migrating birds. There many other wildlife getaway destinations to choose from whether you are in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao.

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