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Wildlife Getaways in the Philippines

Philippines is the only country in the world with the highest rate of new animal species discovery. Surprisingly, 16 new species have been discovered in just last 10 years. Comprising 7,107 islands, the archipelago has one of the world’s highest biodiversities. More than one thousand species of amphibians, birds, and mammals that are endemic to the country have been attracting…
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A look at the highest building of the world

In Dubai, huge is extremely typically a byword for stunning – especially when it comes to development. Super developments, for example the Palm island trilogy, The Globe and Dubai Marina have set this once-sleepy pearl trading city firmly on the map as among the world’s speediest developing towns with a pressing lust for enhancements of ambitious proportion. The four world records …
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10 smart ways to save money while traveling

10 smart ways to save money while traveling. Can’t always follow ‘plan and book early’ principle? Is it difficult for you to finalize travel plan well early and stick to it come what may? If so then you are a traveler like me and below simple guidelines will help you to save money while travelling without following ‘plan and book…
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